Finding the Time to Practice

It’s a busy world we live in, isn’t it? So many of us run from one activity to the next, whether it’s work or school, sports, music lessons, an art class or a night visiting friends. In the midst of our busy lives, it can be tough to carve out time to practice. Here are a few reasons to make the time for it this month.

Practice Makes Perfect

Well, that’s the saying, right? The reality is that perfection might sound nice, but even concert pianists will tell you they never have a perfect performance! Nevertheless, the more we practice, the more we can reliably perform our song well. With each repetition, we’re more likely to play the notes and get our rhythms correct. That frees us up to think about our interpretation, our phrasing, our dynamics…you know, the fun stuff!

Practice Makes You Less Nervous

Believe it or not, the more you practice, the easier it is to get up in front of someone else and perform. That’s because the more you can reliably play a piece for yourself, the more likely you will be to reproduce it when you’ve got performance jitters. Will an audience make you play it worse? There’s a good chance of that. But as you perform more often (i.e. as you practice performing), you can work on channeling the audience’s excitement, and your own excitement, into a stronger performance.

Practice Develops Discipline

Want to develop better habits? Whether you’d like to eat healthier, exercise daily or get enough sleep, all of these things are easier when we make our healthy choices into healthy habits. Likewise, if we teach ourselves to practice for five minutes every day, we develop the discipline required to commit to anything! This is a great lesson for children, but it’s a lesson we can use as adults too.

Why do you find the time to practice? If you don’t, did this give you any ideas on how to develop a practice habit?


We’re Hiring!

Tiny Village Music is growing – and we want you to join us!

Are you a private music instructor? Do you teach brass? Woodwinds? Strings? Other instruments we don’t currently offer?

We are seeking private music instructors in all areas of expertise EXCEPT for those we already offer (aka we already offer piano, voice, drums, guitar, ukulele).

If you’re an experienced music instructor, with an interest in teaching online music lessons, we’d LOVE to hear from you. We’ll handle the marketing and collect payment and let you focus on what you do best – teaching music!

Please reach out to us at tinyvillagemusic @ gmail .com if you’d like to get started, and feel free to spread the word to other musicians that may be interested. And thanks!


Two Days Left For Holiday Special!

Tiny Village Music prides itself on offering affordable music lessons, but in the spirit of the holiday season and to encourage new students to try out lessons, we’re offering a holiday special through December 31st.

With this offer, you’ve got three great options to choose from:

4 half hour lessons for $80! Savings of 33% off the regular price for a month of lessons
1 time vocal coaching session for $40 including a rehearsal or performance recording 
4 hour long voice sessions for $160! Savings of 20% off the regular price of a month of lessons
Whether you need a one-time session to prep for an audition or want to try a month of lessons, this is a wonderful option for new (at least to us) students. And if you want to spread out your lessons over a few months, that’s fine too! We’re happy to work with you to set up a schedule that’s helpful, whether you need a monthly or bi-weekly lesson or want the regular discipline of weekly lessons to help keep you on track.
If this sounds like a great deal to you, don’t just keep it to yourself. Spread the word! In less than 72 hours, the special will be gone, and you’ll have to (gasp!) pay our normal prices for lessons.
Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s that time of year! Music is in the air, holiday lights and candles are sparkling, and children and adults are preparing to celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and more. Ross and I have been recording some new music for gifts this holiday season, and we’ll be sharing videos in the coming weeks with some holiday music for all of you too. We’ve also been excited to promote our Holiday Special for new students.

Our students enjoy this time of year too. Many of them enjoy working on new holiday selections during December. We recommend that when you purchase a holiday book, you go with one that’s a little bit easier than your regular lesson book or studies. That way, you can sightread it (play it accurately on the first or second try) or at least learn it very quickly. No one wants to be struggling to finish learning a holiday tune in February!

There’s such diverse holiday music, in every style you can imagine. We’re making a playlist and it’s got everything from Nat King Cole to Kelly Clarkson on it! What do you like to listen to during the holidays?


Thanks for visiting!

Thanks for visiting Tiny Village Music! We teach a variety of musical instruments, including voice, online, on your schedule and in a convenient location – your own home! Our teachers are professional musicians with extensive teaching experience. Owners Ross Malcolm Boyd and Jamie Feinberg also offer workshops & performances as they travel the country, with offerings in songwriting, musical theater, music technology and more. We specialize in creating custom lessons to fit your goals and interests.

We recently spent about six weeks in New Hampshire, where we taught a group ukulele class for older adults (for free, thanks to grant funding!) and offered performances for families, preschoolers, older adults and for general audiences. We plan to update our blog periodically with tips and information you might like to check out. Let us know what you’d like to see here, and we hope to hear from you soon!